NMR spectroscopy @ NMRSTR

The NMR and Structure Analysis Unit (led by Prof.Dr.Martins), UGhent specializes itself in unravelling the chemical structure of unknown molecules with liquid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as main analysis technique. For years now, the group has shown a particular interest in the cyclic lipodepsipeptides produced by Pseudomonas bacteria.  While the more biologically oriented groups in this project are exploring the wide spectrum of biological activities of these compounds, NMRSTR is trying to figure out how and why these compounds exhibit these distinct features. Aside from standard 3D-structure elucidation, NMRSTR engages itself in trying to figure out the yet unknown precise mode of action.  With a diverse toolbox (PRE experiments, labeled molecules, molecular dynamics, …) we are exploring how cyclic lipodepsipeptides affect the membrane of different systems (human, bacteria, plant), which is believed to be the main target.