Microbial Processes and Interactions (MiPI, co-management with three other professors) at GxABT is globally devoted to the research, development and promotion of biotechnology products and processes using microorganisms and their metabolites in various domains.

The laboratory offers cutting-edge technologies and facilities necessary for basic and applied research in microbiology. It includes equipment for analytical biochemistry (GC, HPLC, UPLCMS), microbial molecular biology (genetic constructions, gene expression via qPCR or reporter systems, transformation), bioassays in vitro and in planta (plant growth cabinets) and a unique (mini)bioreactor platform with original, fully equipped and computer-controlled vessels coupled online to flow cytometry to allow direct evaluation of gene expression levels.

These bioreactors can be easily adapted to work in chemostat mode allowing stable physiological conditions. Several institutional platforms for molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics are available to support the researchers involved in the project.