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Anikasin is a non-ribosomal cyclic lipodepsipeptide produced by Pseudomonas bacteria. Original publication(Klapper, 2016, Götze, 2017)Original sourcePseudomonas fluorescens HKI0770Sequence determined byX-ray crystallographyStereochemistry determined byMarfey’s analysis and X-ray crystallographyOther known sources (non-putative)n.a. Chemical properties Molecular formulaC66H111N11O20Mono-isotopic mass1353.8007 (isobaric to other CLiPs, see text)Molecular weight1354.6 g mol-1Solubilityn.a.CMCn.a.NMR data availableDMSO-d6 (Götze, 2017) Structure Anikasin is a cyclic lipodepsipeptide (CLiP) [...]


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General info Original publicationHendriksen, 2000, Nielsen, 2000Original sourcePseudomonas fluorescens 96.578Sequence determined byNMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometryStereochemistry determined byX-ray crystallographyOther known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas sp. FhG100052 (Marner, 2020) Pseudomonas  zeae OE 48.2 (Girard, 2021) Chemical properties Molecular formulaC67H116N12O20Mono-isotopic mass1394. 8272 DaMolecular weight1395.7 g/molSolubilityDMSO, DMF, acetone, methanolCMCn.a.NMR chemical shifts availableAcetone-d6 (Marner, 2020) DMF-d7 (Girard, 2021) Structure Originally, the [...]


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The isolation of the cyclic lipopeptide arthrofactin from the bacterium Arthrobacter sp. MIS38 was first described in 1993 in the context of its high surface activity. (Morikawa, 1993) Later, the genus of the producer strain was revised to be Pseudomonas fluorescens MIS38. (Morikawa, 2000) The structure of the lipopeptide was revised in 2012, based on [...]

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