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General info Original publicationGirard, 2021Original sourcePseudomonas prosekii LMG 26287TOther known sources (non-putative)n.a.Stereochemistry determined byn.a. Chemical properties CASn.a.Molecular formulaC52H92N8O14Molecular weight1053.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1052.6733 DaSolubilityn.a.CMCn.a.Minimal surface tensionn.a.NMR data available in literatureDMF-d7 (Girard, 2021) Introduction Prosekin was isolated from the Antarctic isolate Pseudomonas prosekii LMG 26287T in the context of a study into the export systems of Pseudomonas lipopeptides. [...]

Bananamide group

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Introduction The bananamides are a collection of secondary metabolites produced by Pseudomonas species. They consist of a octapeptide chain, whereby 6 amino acids are involved in a macrocycle formed by an ester bond. Within the group, variations occur at position 2 (Asp vs. Glu), position 6 (Gln vs Ser) or position 8 (Ile vs Val). [...]

Bananamides D – G

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General info Original publicationOmoboye, 2019Original sourcePseudomonas koreensis COW3Other known sources (non-putative)n.a.Stereochemistry determined byn.a. Chemical properties CASn.a.Molecular formulaC53H92N8O14Molecular weight1063.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1064.6733 DaSolubilityMethanol, acetonitrile, DMF, DMSOCMCn.a.Minimal surface tensionn.a.3D conformationn.a.NMR data available in literatureDMF-d7 (Omoboye, 2019) Introduction Bananamides D – G are cyclic lipodepsipeptides that were first extracted from the cocoyam rhizosphere-derived biocontrol strain Pseudomonas koreensis COW3. These [...]


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General info Original publicationCautain, 2015Original sourcePseudomonas granadensis F-278,770T Other known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas azidae SWRI103 (De Roo, 2022)Stereochemistry determined byMarfey’s analysis (only partially elucidated) (Cautain, 2015)NMR fingerprint matching (De Roo, 2022) Chemical properties CAS-Molecular formulaC52H92N8O14Molecular weight1053.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1052.6733 DaSolubility CMCn.a.Minimal surface tensionn.a.3D conformationn.a.NMR data available in literatureDMSO-d6 (Cautain, 2015)DMF-d7 (De Roo, 2022) Introduction MDN-0066 is a cyclic [...]

Bananamides 1 – 3

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General info Original publicationNguyen, 2016Original sourcePseudomonas fluorescens BW11P2Other known sources (non-putative)-Stereochemistry determined byNot determined Chemical properties CAS-Molecular formulaC55H97N9O14Molecular weight1108.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1107.7155 DaSolubility-CMC-Minimal surface tension-3D conformation-NMR data available in literatureMethanol-d4 (Nguyen, 2016) Introduction Bananamides 1, 2 and 3 were discovered by indexing the pseudomonas metabolome through the molecular networking of mass spectrometric sequence tags. Their producing [...]

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