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General info Original publicationCautain, 2015Original sourcePseudomonas granadensis F-278,770T Other known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas azidae SWRI103 (De Roo, 2022)Stereochemistry determined byMarfey’s analysis (only partially elucidated) (Cautain, 2015)NMR fingerprint matching (De Roo, 2022) Chemical properties CAS-Molecular formulaC52H92N8O14Molecular weight1053.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1052.6733 DaSolubility CMCn.a.Minimal surface tensionn.a.3D conformationn.a.NMR data available in literatureDMSO-d6 (Cautain, 2015)DMF-d7 (De Roo, 2022) Introduction MDN-0066 is a cyclic [...]

Bananamides 1 – 3

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General info Original publicationNguyen, 2016Original sourcePseudomonas fluorescens BW11P2Other known sources (non-putative)-Stereochemistry determined byNot determined Chemical properties CAS-Molecular formulaC55H97N9O14Molecular weight1108.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1107.7155 DaSolubility-CMC-Minimal surface tension-3D conformation-NMR data available in literatureMethanol-d4 (Nguyen, 2016) Introduction Bananamides 1, 2 and 3 were discovered by indexing the pseudomonas metabolome through the molecular networking of mass spectrometric sequence tags. Their producing [...]


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Introduction General information Viscosin is a cyclic lipopeptide produced by various Pseudomonas species. It is the namesake CLiP of the viscosin group, a collection of structurally similar CLiPs. Viscosin can be considered the first discovered Pseudomonas CLiP. It was first described in 1951 for its antiviral properties against human pathogenic viruses such as the infectious [...]

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