Tolaasin F

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General info Original publicationScherlach, 2013Original sourcePseudomonas costantinii DSM16734Other known sources (non-putative)n.a.Stereochemistry determined byStable isotope labelling/mass spectrometry (Scherlach, 2013) Chemical properties CASn.a.Molecular formulaC94H163N21O25Molecular weight1987.42 g/molMono-isotopic mass1986.2128 DaSolubilityWater, Methanol, Acetonitrile, DMSO, DMF,TFECMCn.a.Minimal surface tensionn.a.3D conformationn.a.NMR data available in literaturen.a. Introduction Tolaasins are cyclic lipodepsipeptides (CLiP) produced by Pseudomonas species and are the sole causal agents for brown [...]