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General info Original publicationHendriksen, 2000, Nielsen, 2000Original sourcePseudomonas fluorescens 96.578Sequence determined byNMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometryStereochemistry determined byX-ray crystallographyOther known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas sp. FhG100052 (Marner, 2020) Pseudomonas  zeae OE 48.2 (Girard, 2021) Chemical properties Molecular formulaC67H116N12O20Mono-isotopic mass1394. 8272 DaMolecular weight1395.7 g/molSolubilityDMSO, DMF, acetone, methanolCMCn.a.NMR chemical shifts availableAcetone-d6 (Marner, 2020) DMF-d7 (Girard, 2021) Structure Originally, the [...]