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General info Original publicationQuail, 2002Original sourcePseudomonas fluorescens BRG100Other known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas sp. P867 (Reybroeck, 2014)Stereochemistry determined byX-ray crystallography: P. fluorescens BRG100 Chemical properties Molecular formulaC55H97N9O16Molecular weight1140.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1139.7053 Da (isobaric to other CLiPs, see text)Solubilityn.a.CMCn.a.Minimal surface tensionn.a.3D conformationCrystal structure (Quail, 2002)NMR data available in literatureDMF-d7 (Reybroeck, 2014) Acetone (Reybroeck, 2014) Methanol (Pedras, 2003) Acetone (Pedras, [...]


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General info Original publicationMortishire-Smith, 1991Original source Pseudomonas fluorescens LMG 5329 (originally named Pseudomonas reactants)Other known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas reactans NCPPB1311 (Lo Cantore, 2006)Pseudomonas putida RW10S2 (Rokni-Zadeh, 2012),Pseudomonas sp. (Motley, 2017) Pseudomonas sp. NSE1 (Omoboye, 2019),Pseudomonas sp. COW10 (Oni, 2020)Stereochemistry determined byX-ray crystallography: P. fluorescens LMG 5329 (Han, 1992), P. reactans NCPPB1311, Pseudomonas. sp. (Motley, 2017) NMR spectral [...]


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General info Original publicationSinnaeve, 2009bOriginal sourceUndisclosedOther known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas sp. COR52 (Oni, 2020) Pseudomonas tolaasii DSM19342 (Hermenau, 2020)Stereochemistry determined byX-ray and Marfey’s analysis (original) NMR spectral matching (P. sp. COR52 and P. tolaassi DSM19342) Chemical properties CASn.a.Molecular formula1125.4170 g/molMolecular weightC54H96N10O15Mono-isotopic mass1124.7057 Da (isobaric to other CLiPs, see text)SolubilityAcetonitrile, methanol, DMSO, acetone, chloroform, ethylacetate, dimethylformamide, buffer [...]


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General info Original publicationNielsen, 1999Original sourcePseudomonas sp. DR54Other known sources (non-putative)Pseudomonas sp. A2W4.9 (Oni, 2020)Pseudomonas sp. ICBG1870 (Fukuda, 2021)Pseudomonas sp. ICBG1881 (Fukuda, 2021)Stereochemistry determined byX-ray and Marfey’s analysis (P. sp. DR54) (Geudens, personal communication)NMR spectral matching (P. sp. A2W4.9) Chemical properties CASn.a.Molecular formulaC54H96N10O15Molecular weight1125.4 g/molMono-isotopic mass1124.7057 Da (isobaric to other CLiPs, see text))SolubilityAcetonitrile, methanol, DMSO, [...]

Viscosin group

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The viscosin group owes its name to the cyclic lipopeptide viscosin, the first member of this group described in 1951, making it one of the first CLiPs described. (Groupé, 1951) Other members of the viscosin group include WLIP (Mortishire-Smith, 1991), short for the White Line Inducing Principle, the massetolides (Gerard, 1997), the viscosinamides (Nielsen, 1999, [...]


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Introduction General information Viscosin is a cyclic lipopeptide produced by various Pseudomonas species. It is the namesake CLiP of the viscosin group, a collection of structurally similar CLiPs. Viscosin can be considered the first discovered Pseudomonas CLiP. It was first described in 1951 for its antiviral properties against human pathogenic viruses such as the infectious [...]

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